Hexagon Long nuts


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Nuts we have

Hex Nuts, Hex Lock Nuts, Hex Flange Nuts, Round Nuts, Cap Nuts, Weld Nuts, Long Nuts, Wing Nuts, Cage Nuts, T Nuts, Slider Nuts, Eye Nuts, Hex Slotted Nuts, Plywood nuts, lock nuts, furniture nuts, square nuts, buckle nuts, shrapnel nuts, elastic nuts, K caps, tapered nuts, heat-melt nuts, four-jaw nuts, twist-off nuts.


  • DIN


  • ANSI

ANSI/ASME B18.16.4,ANSI/ASME B18.16.6,ANSI/ASME B18.16.6,ANSI/ASME B18.16.6,ANSI/ASME B18.16.6,ANSI/ASME B18.16.6,ANSI/ASME B18.2.,ANSI/ASME B18.2.2,ANSI/ASME B18.2.2,ANSI/ASME B18.2.2,ANSI/ASME B18.2.2,ANSI/ASME B18.2.2,ANSI/ASME B18.2.4.6M,ANSI/ASME B18.6.9,ARC6177.AS1252,ASTMA194,

Strenngth Grade,Carbon steel Grade 4,10,12.ANSI 5,ANSI 8.Stainless steel Grade A2-50,A2-70,A4,A4-70,A4-80.

Surface treatment

Black, blue and white zinc, waxed, dacromet, black zinc, natural color oil immersion, nickel plating, color zinc, hot-dip galvanized, color zinc (trivalent) chrome plating, white zinc, phosphating, zinc-nickel alloy, natural color , Dacromet, 500A pickling yellow, tin-plated, blackened with oil + anti-fall silver plating.