Ball bearing compensation washers

Ball bearing is also called ball bearing, is a kind of rolling bearing, will be spherical alloy steel ball installed in the middle of the inner and outer steel ring, to roll the way to reduce the friction in the process of power transmission and improve the efficiency of mechanical power transmission. Ball bearing can not bear large heavy load, more common in light industrial machinery.



Ball bearing compensation washer introduction

The ball bearing compensation washer is an elastic element that helps reduce the noise level of the ball bearing and increases the life of the motor and its ball bearing.  


Specifications and dimensions listed in the above table is part of the ball bearing compensation washer specifications, our standing specifications for the inner diameter 4.6mm-129mm; outside diameter 6.7mm-139mm; thickness 0.1mm-0.6mm. welcome to call for advice!


Cold rolled steel strip for springs; technical terms of delivery (DIN 17222) shall be used.  Surface treatment

The surface of the ball bearing washer is oiled in the natural color of carbon steel. Considering the use in the internal assembly of the bearing, no other anti-corrosion plating treatment will be done.